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Minimum Requirements:

  • 100k views per month
  • You possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation

How to register:

  • Please first consider to register with your YouTube account as you will be automatically qualified
  • If you wish to register with your social media account, it must be an official account & we will operate further verification


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Questions you may have in mind

Why should you apply?

You will get access to more than 25 different MCNs providing different services, focused on specific types of content, you will increase your revenue share & get more inquiries from Brands.

We will work side by side, in case of trouble with any MCN, Brand or agency that you applied to through findyournetwork.net we will help you resolve the issue. In case the other party does not try to fix the issue, they will be banned from our website & referral program.

You will get better services than on your own. We have a deep relationship with our business partners (MCNs, Brands, Agencies), we are experts on digital communication & marketing. It allows us to get the best from them for your best interest.

It will also allow you to get support from different consultants and businesses that can provide assistance with video editing, accounting or legal support. It will help you in your day to day duties.

We will also provide you with inquiries from Brands that want to advertise through your social medias. It can be via paid campaigns and/or providing high quality products such as drones, computers, gaming seats, beauty products etc.

Why does FYNN ask you to register through my channel?

Well, we refer you and negotiate on your behalf based on your channel profile and performance.

We negotiate as per your request & desire in terms of revenue share, bonus, extra services. You will get 100% of what has been negotiated with the MCN or Brand. We do not charge you at any point!

In case you really do not want us to know your data, we may request it from YouTube directly but all applications that you can make from our website will take longer than usual.

What does FYNN do with your channel data?

We only share data to MCNs or Brands that you want us to contact on your behalf as per our privacy policy that you may find here.

What is oneall?

Oneall is our login/register provider. They will combine the data we need such as number of videos you upload each month, total number of views per month & number of likes/comments you get from your fan base (we only ask for a read-only, managed by Google).

We use this data only toward requests or applications that you ask us to do on your behalf. Oneall will only display this data to our dashboard & cannot use it on its own at any point.

Oneall works with various well known brands such as Microsoft ; Nivea ; Igloo and so on. Here is their website.

I would like to have a chat before I register, is it possible?

You may at any time contact us by filling out the form here, through Skype: Fynn DC or via email: fynn@findyournetwork.net